How to Describe Remote Work On a Resume for Remote Jobs

Putting remote work on a resume is an important part of self-branding, but listing every job you’ve ever had is just a time-waster for both you and the recruiter. While a one-page resume is ideal, don’t be scared to extend the length if you have five years of experience or more. Unlike hard skills, soft skills can be more difficult to demonstrate in a resume. After all, there are no degrees or certificates that can prove that you have such skills. To demonstrate these skills, it is usually important to provide examples of how you used them to benefit prior employers. Hard skills can help get you an interview, but it is usually your soft skills that help you land the interview.

Those skills include proficiency with certain remote software and tools, excellent communication, and other attributes that compensate for the absence of physical presence. Potential employers will be more interested in hiring you if you have remote work experience. Also, you can boost your chances of getting the job even further by mentioning tech and soft skills related to remote roles. Although I’m not a big fan of cover letters, you probably will still be writing some in your job search.

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Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to learn more or search for local job opportunities here. The achievements section of your resume is a place to demonstrate you can perform your work duties while working remotely. To thrive in a work-from-home-office environment, employees need to present different skills to do so. Here are the top ways to show your Remote Work Skills skills on your resume.

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Drop your resume here or upload a file to find out if the skills in your resume are readable by an ATS. Independently developed and implemented a customer relationship management system to track and analyze sales data, which resulted in a 15% increase in repeat business. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that you know how to use Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF editors, and other basic software that’s typically used in an office.

Include Remote Work Experience in Your Professional Summary

However, this step can be skipped if you’re expected to work in a hybrid or fully remote setting. Still, it’s best practice to tailor your application based on the company’s job description. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 27.2% of job applicants get a job offer after up to 10 applications and resume submissions.

Don’t forget to leverage Workee tools to reduce stress and quicken your chances of landing your dream job. Showcasing a track record of success and remote work how to indicate remote work on resume skills boosts employment prospects for work-from-home employment opportunities. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be a productive and successful remote employee.

Incorporate it in your summary of qualifications

Simply listing “remote work experience” without delving deeper into specifics results in a bland, uninformative narrative. As you can see, there’s no magic formula for creating a winning remote job resume. It’s all about connecting the dots for the employer and helping them see how your current skill set is the right skill set for their remote role. Another option is to separate virtual jobs into their own “Remote Work Experience” section.

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