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She began her career with leading community mental health center, The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester (NH), spending ten years serving in various capacities. She worked with Boston-based, Ellenhorn, as the Director of Community Relations and, most recently, with Cornerstones of Maine. Joseph Wessex has been studying Psychology, Addiction, and Clinical Counseling since he began exploring the world of Mental Health and Psychology in 2010.

Recovery Centers of America Shares Sober October Advice: Navigating the ‘Bermuda Triangle’

A vacation is supposed to be a blissful time of rest and relaxation away from everyday stressors. But for a person in recovery, the thought of taking a vacation can induce anxiety. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction or a substance use disorder, call the New England Recovery Center today at MyRehab. Exercise has many health benefits including helping to lose and maintain a healthy weight and reducing a risk of many diseases. Moving your booty will help speed up the cleansing process too, so get it moving.

Be sure to eat right, get adequate sleep and find some quiet time to check out and recharge. It’s a great idea to stay active, but don’t get so busy that you don’t have time to take care of yourself. If necessary, schedule self-care right into your vacation plans. Healthy routines are a critical part of successful recovery from addiction. They keep your time occupied and prevent you from being distracted from your healthy lifestyle.

Consider a sober vacation group or a location with sober-friendly options.

Alice Bemand, Director of Development, is proud to have created the first fund development program in the history of High Watch. Ms. Bemand was brought on board to help develop a capital campaign to build the desperately needed detoxification facility. Overseeing the gala to celebrate the 80th anniversary of High Watch has been a highlight! Alice most enjoys her relationships with donors, many of whom are alumni of High Watch. He is passionate about helping guests improve their relationships with themselves and helping them better meet their social and emotional needs.

If you’re taking time off work, fill those hours with hikes, walks, and other exercise. Go to the movies, go on excursions you’ve always wanted to take in your area, fit in extra exercise sessions, or start a new hobby. Discover your hidden, deep interests and passions and you’ll have the foundation for an extraordinary vacation experience. Planning for problem-solving at home before embarking on your journey goes a long way toward mitigating the fear of something going wrong. For example, if you have pets you could arrange for a pet sitter or house sitter.

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